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ry out all-round high-level opening-up with greater▓ depth, broader range, and more strength.He also und▓erscored targeted efforts in the innovation of systems▓ and mechanisms, strengthening institutions, an

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d boosting the quality of Chinese economy.The science and technology innovation board and the pilot registration syste▓m must stay committed to their roles, and the qual▓ity of listed firms should be improved, Xi sai

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d.Shanghai s▓hould strengthen its role as the hub and gateway of open▓ing-up and remain committed to promoting reform, development▓ and innovation through opening-up, he said.On advancing Party building, Xi asked Party organizations at all ▓levels to consolidate the results achieved in the first phase of the "staying true to our founding mission" education campaign and earn

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estly carry out the campaign's second phase.The success of the campaign is▓ judged by whether it solves problems, Xi said, noting th▓at the second phase will focus on the grassroots level and solving problems.Xi said primary-level Party organizatio